Saturday, July 27, 2013

Illustration Friday: Jungle

Illustration Friday topic: Jungle

The jungle tour bus was my starting point, in this drawing, it was the first thing I drew and the city sprung up around it.  I also limited myself to one Sakura Micron 01 pen for the entire drawing which measures about 10 x 10.5in.

Last week I missed the deadline for posting the Robot topic, but I did post it here on my blog if your curious.

Illustration Friday: Robot

This little boy looked outside to see his new robot neighbors
playing a game of ball tag with umbrella shield. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Illustration Friday: Travel

It has been a while since I tackled a topic for Illustration Friday, but I was excited to find the time to jump in on this one.  My thought process had me traveling a number of places in considering the theme, however this resolution came to me as I watched my son play in our small backyard yesterday afternoon.

Nearly each day, he asks that we go outside and I choose a show to watch from what he calls Reidivision.  Based on his name of course, he offers me a list of titles, sometimes previews, and I choose one.  Then it begins, he acts out every part, envisions the mountains, the ships, the other worlds, creatures beyond description.  He is truly traveling in our yard, going places I try to imagine with him, but he is by far there, right in the jungle, the swamp, the city, the future, the past, or places alive in his mind.  So with that I thought this the perfect solution for how one might travel without travel.

Blue door in Iranian Village

One of my previous students sent me an image of a door from a village in Iran, where she is from.  She knows of my love of beautiful architectural details. This sparked my interest in looking for more of these simple weathered blue doors. I found this one, I don't know where it leads, but it seams to hold many stories.