Thursday, July 17, 2014

Education History=Utlity

Utility is defined as the state or quality of being useful.

My second utility box design was installed! It sits at the corner of Los Robles and Walnut at the edge of the Playhouse District in Pasadena. It honors investment in education, reflecting and remembering the history of what once stood on the corner opposite its position, in sketchy line, stitched at the seams.

Big thanks to the wonderful Playhouse District Association  for sponsoring the project and so much beautiful public art in the district. 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Illustration Friday: Fragile 2

Well, the topic hasn't changed so I am posting another Haeckel inspired drawing.

Such "fragile" organisms that managed to survive and thrive for centuries... (however are now on the verge of extinction)

I got a new small sketchbook today and its first page provided space for an "Anthomedusae" study. I am going to be live drawing some of these types of creatures along with other things at an upcoming collaboration at REDCAT (part of the Disney Concert Hall complex in Los Angeles) under the direction of the amazing Carole Kim with an ensemble of dancers, musicians and artists. More info and process images to come soon.

Pen and Ink (micron pen) 

Commissioned Utility Box Postcards: want one?

The installation of the second utility box commission may not be finished yet, but the postcards are ready! 

They are out and about in various Pasadena Playhouse District locations to pick up. I also have a limited number of them. If you are not in the Pasadena area, are interested in my work, and want one -  I recently launched myself on instagram, sharing my work, if you follow me@, go find these posts, and email me your info @ I will send you one. You choose, Education History= Utility or the Imagination=Utility box card. Let's start with first 50 folks, and see how it goes. Thanks @Playhousedistrict for the beautiful cards! #art #traditionalmeetsdigital #utility #vinylart #pasadena #education #imagination #postcards #drawing #prismacolors #publicart

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Illustration Friday: Fragile

After a morning of participation in a local 4th of July Parade, my son and I opted out of fireworks last night and instead sat drawing. Thinking about the illustration Friday topic : Fragile. This drawing, imagined, but inspired by some small creatures and the self preservation adaptations they take on to evade fragility. We do the same, although I hope my spikes never grow to that proportion.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Illustration Friday: BEARD

Illustration Friday Weekly Topic: BEARD
Ink on paper drawing, scanned and manipulated in photoshop to add the burlap background. 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Wycinanki- Polish birthday card

June 17th marked my grandmother's 98 birthday. She is fiesty, artistic, beautiful, opionated, elegant and able to entertain herself in 5 square feet of space for an entire day by artistically rearranging that which surrounds her. This polish cut paper or wycinanki is for her. I remember making these as a little girl with her, birds and flowers mostly.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Illustration Friday: SUMMER

Illustration Friday topic Summer. So many possibilities for this topic, I might play around with some additional illustrations, but I could not resist a pair of hypnotizing vintage bathing suits. Love stripes and polkadots, and I have a bit of a thing for orange and blue too:)

This is a ink and prisma color drawing with a bit of photoshop manipulation/digital collage. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

IF: Contraption

This past weekend I worked with my son rigging our own contraption, a greywater system from our washing machine to plants in our back yard. Although that might have made a wonderful illustration, the snaking pvc pipe, I opted for this still water related contraption of my imagination.

I call it "The flying, paddling, water suckerupper, squirterouter rain maker"
Here it is in two versions original drawing and digital manipulation.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Illustration Friday Topic: Retro

Illustration Friday: Retro

Love this topic, and although I have an abundance of illustrations that wold fit this topic I was excited to jump in on a new one. The tough part was deciding what I wanted to draw. It finally came down to a classic Lincoln my dad always wanted and these gorgeous cameras. I am quite certain my grandfather had these among his collection of 100's of cameras.

The illustration is traditional, in pen, prisma color, and colored pencil. manipulated in photoshop.