Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Peace and Joy

These are some signs I was commissioned to create. Delivering them tomorrow.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

IF: Tree

"The Juniper Tree" inspired by Brother Grimm story. (ink, oil, colored pencil on a mouse pad)
This is an illustration from a couple years back, but I wanted to be sure I posted this week.  It seems the amount of work I have on my plate is again overflowing.  All good stuff, illustrations for a book, a commission, a small coming show, my full time faculty position, solo parent stuff like flag football, play rehearsal (he got his first speaking part!! he is over the moon excited), and the tenants in my duplex moved out so I am busy prepping that space for rental as well.. I love the topic this week, so I hope to do a new one (I just might get to it) but in the meanwhile I am happy to revisit this one, to make certain I don't miss another IF week!