Monday, September 17, 2012


"a burst of light came steaming from the lamp on this abandoned corner"

drawing collage (sumi ink, ink, colored pencil on toned paper)


  1. Wow! Amazing light and color! I always say I love your style but I don't know what else to say! The lettering in the lighter color is really cool too.

    So I found something out. I started doing envelope art and the slightly darker color of the envelope has a really cool effect on the markers. A bit like your toned paper. Now I need to get down to the art supply store and hunt for new paper. :)

  2. Nice contrast between the purposeful textures of the lamp, and the random textures of the background.

  3. The vintage style on your illustration adds a perfect feeling of nostalgia to the words, like something happened in that corner years ago and now there's nothing left but the lamp as a mute witness. I think that secret makes it even more interesting and beautiful :)
    Thanks for your visit ♥

  4. Beautiful job, I love the whole tone of this. At first glance, my impression was a ghost with a strange contraption pumping into his head. This is why I was never any good at Rorschach tests.